About Us

The idea for the food, friends, & fun parties (Let’s just call them Triple F parties) was created by Peter. One day, his wife Debbie and he wrote down all the recipes that they cooked for dinner on a regular basis. The list ended up being about 10 items long which is very surprising considering they both like food so much. In an effort to expand their list of stock meals, they started trying new recipes out of the cookbooks they had. As it turns out looking through a cookbook to make something you’ve never had before, and don’t know if you’ll like, is very daunting. About this time a friend of Debbie’s gave her a recipe to try, saying that her husband and child loved it. She made it that week and it was really good. This got Peter thinking that he hadn’t been using the best resource out there for new recipes, their friends. He started wondering how many of our friends were in the same stock recipe rut. Finally it all came together that we could all benefit from some new ideas in the kitchen by sharing all our favorite recipes.  So, on a montly basis a group of friends get together with Peter & Debbie to share food recipes. Food & friends can only lead to fun… hence the name Triple F Parties!


2 responses to “About Us

  1. Coach Duncan

    Your mom shared your blog with me and of course I had to check it out. The mini burger cupcakes and fries is something that we would like to serve at our teas as it looks like fun.

  2. Mia

    I’m honored to be the “newbie” friend!!!!

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