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Meet Your Friend: Megan

In an effort to get to know the participants in our Triple F nights everyone will take turns answering some food related questions in a series of blogs called “Meet Your Friend.”

Our next guest star is Megan!   Megan was the one who came up with this great website and took a great idea and made it better.  It’s all in the Details, as she would like to say (for our group, they will understand the double meaning behind this one).

  1. Sweet or salty? I like a combination of both… served together!
  2. Which ingredient(s) do you use most? a good Sherry wine
  3. What’s your favorite cooking smell? Fresh baked bread!!!
  4. What’s your favorite kitchen gadget/appliance? A Kuhn Rikon red chef’s knife  & yellow paring knife from williams sonoma.
  5. What won’t you eat? Any and all Seafood!
  6. Most unique creation? I’m not very creative when it comes to the main course but I like to have fun with desserts. To answer this question I’m going to go with the mini burger cupcakes.
  7. Who taught you your skills in the kitchen/inspiration? My grandma… she’s Italian and loves to cook and share her food (not recipies) with others.
  8. Who is your favorite Food Network Star? Duff Goldman & Bobby Flay
  9. What’s your favorite dish to prepare? Cupcakes… even more than making them I LOVE telling people they are from a box!
  10. What is your favorite sit down restaurant? I go through phases… currently I’m never disappointed by a filet from Bonefish.
  11. What’s your favorite cuisine? I’m going to go with Mexican… I love me some tacos!
  12. What are you craving right now? Tacos!

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